Barrington Parents of Note is a parent group formed to support the Barrington High School (RI) Music Department, both instrumental and choral. We are a not-for-profit organization. All proceeds from donations, sponsorships, and fundraising activities are used to offset music department trips, guest artists, non-budget department items, recognition plaques, and Senior awards. We assist the music teachers with event planning, hospitality, student recognition, publicity, and fundraising. We keep parents updated on activities, opportunities, important dates, deadlines, event-required attire, fundraising details and more.

Next meeting will be

Thursday, May 6, 2021, 7pm

BPON Zoom Meeting Room

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Barrington Glows

These include ensemble numbers from the BHS Chorus and Choral Ensemble, a senior project featuring the editing of recordings from the BHS Band, small student-led groups, and soloists.

We hope you are able to enjoy these performances while you sip hot cocoa by the fire or trim your tree, and find them to be a small light shining through the darkness.

These performances will also be featured at the Town of Barrington Tree Lighting event December, 5th prior to the 5:00pm Tree Lighting.

United in Song, composed in 2017 by the brilliant, young, female choral composer, Mari E. Valverde.

In the score, Mari states: All of the discord over what patriotism is or is not led me to a question: “What anthem would I stand for?”

Rehearsed during the 2020 Election Cycle, and performed virtually on Veteran's Day by the Barrington HS Choral Ensemble.

Ukuthula - AVoice4Peace is a global peace awareness project where people from around the world lift their voices and join in a song of unity and togetherness.

Performed by the combined Choral Ensembles of Barrington, RI High School during the Fall of 2020, amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calendar of Events

This calendar is provided for planning purposes. Information is subject to change. Please confirm dates and times with your music teacher.

2020 BHS Music Banquet

Premiered on May 27, 2020

How we helped BHS Music in 2019-2020

  • Volunteers helped take admission at the Fall and Holiday Concerts. PON provided refreshments for the Holiday Concert.

  • Ran a very successful fundraiser selling BHS Eagles embroidered blankets

  • Volunteers ran the door and we all provided refreshments for the three coffeehouses.

  • Assisted in the annual Wreath Sale.

  • Worked with teachers to strategize field trip planning under the new BPS policy

  • Helped to plan and execute the Jazz Band field trip to Temple

  • Helped plan the Broadway field trip...and then facilitated refunds

  • With the generous assistance from the law firm of Nixon Peabody, we became a Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization, which means tax benefits for us as well as our donors.

  • Held an Open Mic at Bay Spring for an add’l performance opportunity to our children and the community

  • Supported Meet in the Middle, which was still able to happen, in the COVID era

  • Gave gifts to 35 Seniors

  • Provided monetary awards to 5 Seniors

  • With teachers, created and presented a Virtual Banquet Video

Thank you for helping BHS Music to conquer this unforgettable year!

Thank you for your support!

We consider your contribution as tax deductible, although you should confirm this independently with your accountant.

Do you have questions? Would you like to volunteer? Send us a message.